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Mural Wallpaper Wall sticker Custom Self-Adhesive Cherry Blossom Blue Planet Beautiful View PVC / Vinyl Living Room Bedroom Restaurant Hotel Wall Cloth Room

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200x240cm (79"x94")
250x300cm (98"x118")
280x360cm (110"x142")
320x540cm (126"x213")
Self adhesive
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Size chart


  1. Material : Canvas,PVC / Vinyl
  2. Style : Modern,Classic
  3. Recommended for : Living Room,Bedroom
  4. Moisture Resistant : Yes
  5. Hanging method : Self adhesive
  6. Coverage : 540*320 360*280 300*250 240*200 60*90
  7. Category : Mural
  8. Pattern : Landscape,Floral
  9. Net Weight : 0.2
  10. Shipping Weight : 0.4
  11. Size : 540*320 360*280 300*250 240*200 60*90


How Many Pieces Do I Need to Buy?

1. Measure the height and perimeter of your room and calculate the whole size of wallpaper needed. ( Please exclude door, windows etc.) This first measurement will be called Size A.

2. Calculate the size of one piece of this product, called Size B.

3. The number of pieces of wallpaper which you need to buy = A/B+2. And round it up.


1. Depending on the different patterns of the wallpaper,  you will waste some length of wallpaper to match the pattern with 2 wallpaper. So "2" is the minimum buffer.

2. Please buy enough pieces for the whole room, because there might be color differences in different batches.

3. The actual material's color may vary slightly from online colors due to variations in screen color settings.